Seven Reasons Bank Holiday Mondays Are the Best Invention Ever 8 years ago

Seven Reasons Bank Holiday Mondays Are the Best Invention Ever

Bank Holiday weekends are one of the simplest joys of a weekday worker. The Monday to Friday grind can wear you down over the year, and that extra day is worth its weight in gold. Here, we’re paying tribute with seven reasons why a BH Monday is the best kind of Monday.



The Sunday Night Out

It’s suddenly fine to go out when you should be ironing/cooking/planning for the week, but it still feels bold. Win!

The Lie-In


It’s sweeter than your average weekend lie-in. What is seldom is wonderful.

The TV Schedule

Cartoons as far as the eye can see. Yes please.


The Binge Watching

TV cartoons not doing it for you? In that case yes, watching a season of House of Cards in one day IS classed as an achievement.


The Family Free Pass

If you live away from home, Bank Holiday Sundays are a common reunion day. On Mondays, they leave you alone to your blissful rest. (For rest, read hangover).


The ‘Nothing’s Open’ Card

Every Saturday you swear you’ll go to the dentist, sort out your tax, get onto that DIY to-do list… but on Mondays you don’t even have to feel bad. Nothing is open, so you couldn’t do anything productive even if you wanted to!


The Short Week

Tuesday before you get back to work, Wednesday before you do anything… sure it’s Friday again before you know it. How long until the next Bank Holiday Weekend?