Seven Things Guaranteed to Happen On A Girls’ Weekend Away 7 years ago

Seven Things Guaranteed to Happen On A Girls’ Weekend Away

As nice and all as a romantic weekend away might be, there's nothing like a night or two away with your girls for some bonding, bestie style. Catching up on all the gossip, enjoying some cocktails and busting some serious moves on the dancefloor. Best of all, it's sisters before misters, and God knows we need that every now and again. Wherever you go, though, every ladies' weekend has a few things in common...



Promises, Promises

That one friend who SWEARS every time that she'll definitely make it (even though she pulled out the last five times too) calls at the last minute to say something's come up. Usually a convoluted story involving illness or work, until she accidentally checks herself into the local on Facebook later with himself. Lovely.


Someone gets lost


Guaranteed to happen on the night out, but can also occur well in advance. At the train station, on the way to the hotel, in the shopping centre, on the road. Can someone just put a lead on Emma next time please?


There’s a fashion show before you can go anywhere

You're here for two nights, but between five of you there are a possible 347 outfit combinations. Attention must be paid and it is not at all unusual to dress/undress seven times each before you decide you're ready for road. Now, are we going out, or are we going out out?



If it wasn't pictured, it didn't happen

Every moment must be considered from the perfect angle, so as to make it to the holiday album. With five cameras on the go, you should not expect to get away with much. Still though, there is an honour code so you should be allowed to look through each others' pictures before anything is posted. That's just the rules of friendship.



There will be declarations of love

Post Pinot but pre the curry chips, you'll find yourself overcome with the urge to tell your girls just how much you love them, in detail. Roll with it, Irish people are not the best at expressing their emotions so just go with the moment and feel the love.


Romance will strike 

Every girl's weekend away comes with at least one love story. It might be someone getting the eye from the hot barman all night, or the guy declaring his love for Mary after only ten minutes of chat. That's just standard.



You'll all swear to do it more often 

It's hard to get the time to get together, but when you finally do - you realise just how much of a balm for the soul some quality girls' time really is. You won't leave it so long next time.



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