This sex podcast is the reason everyone is laughing inappropriately in public places 4 years ago

This sex podcast is the reason everyone is laughing inappropriately in public places

My Dad Wrote a Porno...

Is as incongruous a podcast title as you may ever find. Dad? Porno? Same sentence? No, please no.


If you haven't heard of the podcast yet, you've definitely encountered it in public places. All those people on the bus laughing maniacally? They're listening. The woman walking towards you covering her spluttering chuckles with her hand? Oh, she's listening. Your mom doing the gardening and giggling?

Well, she might just be listening to the Great British Bake Off podcast, but the innuendos are so rampant there that she may as well have Dad porn in her ear holes.

So what is this podcast and is it really a porno? The story goes; Jamie Morton's father wrote a novel entitled Belinda Blinks and sent it to his mortified son. Jamie Morton then read a few chapters to his friends and the seed of the podcast was sown.

Each episode a chapter of the porno is read by Morton, while his friend's Alice and James interject with their comments of disbelief and sexual wonder.

It sounds innocent enough perhaps, but it is the horrendous quality of writing that makes the podcast so so terribly good. Belinda Blumenthal, the protagonist of the porno, is a regional sales manager for a pots and pans company, which is of course the sexiest job known to man.


Her sexual deviancy knows no bounds but despite the level of spanking and 'hanky-panky' (direct quote, not our terminology) this is not a pod that is going to arouse. More likely it will make you question the mind of a 60-year-old father and the colour of sex toys, while allowing you membership into the cult of public displays of porno induced laughter.

You must listen. We have linked an episode below to make it as easy a process as possible. So let the tones of Belinda ease you into your evening.

Filthy. Dirty.  Necessary.