Sex position 'the fold' is unreal for those freezing cold, lazy AF nights 4 years ago

Sex position 'the fold' is unreal for those freezing cold, lazy AF nights


It's November, which means a couple of things.


The first is that it's officially cuffing season, which means that people are going to be hooking up left, right, and centre, irrespective of whether they actually enjoy each other's company or, indeed, even fancy each other.

The second is that it's absolutely freezing outside and we just cannot be dealing with it right now.

The two of those things combined essentially means that a lot of people are going to be having a lot of disappointing, cold sex - which is, naturally, disappointing.


However, if you wanted to avoid the harsh reality that is freezing disappointment, look no further than the following sex position.

Or, you know, deal with your crippling loneliness another way - by addressing it, working through it, and making more time for yourself. 

Regardless, you're here now so you may as well read on and learn all about the posish that'll keep you both warm and not having to move a whole lot.



The position is called 'the fold' for the simple reason that you are essentially folded on top of each other - like so.

Comfortable and also intimate and nice? Probably, yeah.

According to BabyMed, the man sits with his legs straight out while the woman straddles him and pretty much lies down.


The man then penetrates the woman while leaning into her so the two of them are pretty much lying down and nobody has to do a while lot and it's all grand.

Sounds ideal, tbh.

Image via BabyMed.