Shop smart: 4 shopping tips to help you save cash 1 year ago

Shop smart: 4 shopping tips to help you save cash

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Look after the cents and the euros will look after themselves.

Do you ever find yourself strapped for cash the week before payday? Or even wishing you had a little bit more money to treat yourself to a weekend away?

With just a few simple tricks you save yourself a nice little sum every month. Here are our five shopping tips to help you save cash.

Don't shop hungry

Have you ever ran into your local grocery store after a particularly hard gym session and come out with a trolley-load of food instead of the loaf of bread you needed? We've all been there. Shopping on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster because you buy all the things you want and none of the things you actually need. Go when you're relaxed and it will be a much smoother trip.


Buy your snacks along with your big shop


Buying all your snacks in advance is a great way to save cash because instead of buying individual portions you'll be able to get multi-packs that will last you all week. It's a simple but effective way to keep an eye on those purse-strings.

Do a stock take

How many times have you panic-bought something, only to come home and find it in the press? Before you go on your weekly shop check what foods you have and when they will be going out of date. This is an easy way to make sure you don't double up on goods.

Make the most of loyalty programmes 

Some supermarkets offer great rewards schemes.  SuperValu Real Rewards gives customers the opportunity to earn lots of points every time they shop in SuperValu and with a host of new programme partners. SuperValu eShops is one such partner that you can collect Real Rewards points with. It has over 120 brands to choose from, like ASOS. Instead of going directly to your favourite sites go to SuperValu eShops first and login. Pick the brand you want to shop with and you'll be redirected to their site.

For example, customers can get 2 points for every €1 spent on Debenhams or Coast and 3 points for every €1 spent on Expedia. So, you're basically making money. All the points you collect will be turned into Money Back Vouchers. You get a €10 money back voucher for every 1,000 you collect.

This article is brought to you by SuperValu Real Rewards.

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