Single Women, Here Is What You Need To Remove From Your Bedroom In Order To Find Love 8 years ago

Single Women, Here Is What You Need To Remove From Your Bedroom In Order To Find Love

Ladies, it is time to give the stuffed animals a new home as they may be hindering your love life. 

Feng shui practioner, Hanz Cua, explained the small changes single ladies need to make in their bedrooms in order to be romantically successful next year.


During a press event held on Monday, Hanz revealed that stuffed animals or toys must be removed from a single person’s bedroom, as they’re normally associated with courtship. He said that toys should only be found in the bedroom of children and not adults who are looking for a relationship.

Other items that need to go include, art or imagery that show solitary figures, metal chimes, clutter and any item that carries water... Nemo will understand.

Hanz continued by explaining that those who wish to improve to existing relationships can add 'enhancers' in the northeastern section of their homes, known in 2015 as the 'sector for romance'.

‘Enhancers’ come in the form of bright lights, rose quartz crystals, two romantic scented candles and items that are coloured pink, red or brown.


Peony flowers are considered the top flower for romance in the Chinese tradition and Hanz suggested placing a picture of two peonies into the space.

According ABS-CBN News, Hanz also warned that the northeast section of the home, also known as the ‘sector of the father’, might bring danger to married couples.

Hans stressed that the likelihood of husbands resting in the northeastern part of the home to cheat increases due to feng shui energy.

For those of you who remain single and have done all of the above, please remember feng shui doesn’t work for everyone.


*Hides teddy bear under duvet*