Sneating is the dating trend that nobody should ever do, EVER 1 month ago

Sneating is the dating trend that nobody should ever do, EVER

How awful.

Listen, the dating world is pretty grim. It's not often you come across an actual nice guy that you fancy and who fancies you back.

You have to deal with shitty chat up lines, shitty Tinder and shitty dates. It can be really shitty.

But this new dating trend is probably the worst of all.

We're all quite accustomed to ghosting now, orbiting and whatever else, so when we heard of 'sneating' we were pretty much like WTF is that?

Well, ladies - sneating is when you agree to go on a date with someone - for the food. For the actual free food. Now, this is presuming your date actually pays for dinner (or whatever else you get) because if not, sneating just backfired in your face, didn't it?

In a New York Times post, a woman called Sarah said that she sneats all the time - and doesn't feel bad about it.

"I could get used to hanging out with strangers for a decent feed. I'm hardly the first person to think of this - it even has its own dating term, 'sneating', which means sneakily chatting someone up solely for the purposes of a free meal - but I'm committed.

"I started being more strategic about the guys that I matched with on Tinder. Guys who said they were old fashioned or knew how to treat a lady were in. They were the ones who were likely to pay on a first date. Guys who said they were modern or into equality were out – they were clearly Dutch daters all the way.

"I started lining up one or two dates a week. Whenever the bill came, I did that lame thing where I offer to pay half but then don’t argue when he says he’ll take care of it."

Wow. That's all we can say.