So you should be cleaning out your handbag HOW often? 4 years ago

So you should be cleaning out your handbag HOW often?

We’re all guilty of throwing something into the wardrobe, with the premise that it can get another wear.

Sure you only had it on for a few hours, and you didn’t drop your pasta sauce down the front.


But there are a few items that experts warn we don’t clean near as often as we should.

Here’s the washing breakdown etiquette for keeping bacteria at bay…


Pyjamas are God’s gift to women. Whether it’s a long day of work, you’ve been caught in a downpour, or the time of the month has reared its ugly head, your pyjamas are probably the most comfortable items of clothing you own.
What’s a little more surprising is the fact that the average turnaround time from wearing to washing machine for most people ranges from 10 days to two weeks, raising the risks of acne and cystitis.



Make sure to pop your pjs in the wash every three to four days to keep your bed bacteria-free.


Your bra can be your best friend (once you treat it right). The right bra can give you the lift, shape and support every woman needs. Due to the build-up of sweat in your armpits and around your bust, experts recommend you pop that bra in the wash after two wears, and avoid wearing the same bra two days in a row to give the cup shape time to reform.



These washing guidelines left experts divided. While experts recommend freezing expensive jeans in an airtight bag overnight should get rid of the bacteria, most agree to pop jeans in a cold wash and let them air dry once every five wears.

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Ladies, that bag you so carelessly throw over your shoulder is actually a breeding ground for bacteria. From leaving it on the floor, bringing it to the bathroom with you, or throwing in the cards, keys, coins and money that rattle with bacteria or germs, most handbags have traces of E.coli trapped between receipts.

To keep your bag in pristine condition, wipe down the outside with a baby wipe, clear out the contents and hoover the inside once a week.

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While we know to wash our bedsheets once a week, you only need to hoover your mattress once every six months for health and mite-free maintenance.