Son takes his mom on 20 trips for the 20 years she spent caring for his dad 3 years ago

Son takes his mom on 20 trips for the 20 years she spent caring for his dad

This is very special.

Carers often don't get the credit they deserve for the hard work they put into looking after someone.

Carla Brooks spent 20 years caring for her husband after he had a stroke which left him paralysed on the right side and needing constant care.

Carla's son Barton explained this in a video in which he spoke about how great his mom is.

He said that she loved to take little trips and adventures all her life but had to put that on hold for 20 years while she cared for Barton's dad.

She even cared for Barton too when after was in a motorcycle accident in Africa. This meant that Carla was looking after the two men at the same time.

''The woman is a saint.'' Barton said.

Last Halloween Carla's husband passed away and Barton explained that she was having a bit of a tough time.

''She lost herself the past 20 years,''

''the sense of joyful adventure that she use to create for us isn't there.'' He said.

This is why he decided to treat her to a trip of a lifetime all over Europe. He told her that he was bringing her to Paris last September but she didn't know that they were actually heading off for a few months to explore the continent.

''I want to give her 20 adventures for the 20 years she gave my dad.'' He said.

The video was posted in September so they are now halfway through their trip. They have already visited Paris, Switzerland, London, Wales, Budapest, Prague and Bavaria.

Barton Brooks, his mom Carla and his partner Gregg Goodbrod have been posting images of the trip on Instagram. 

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Luxemburg Gardens - perfectly beautiful day...

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Barton also asked for help from anyone interested in his story.

''If you have friends, family anywhere in Europe and you could introduce them to me so I can take her around and show her new things with local people.''

No word on whether their coming to Ireland yet but you can keep an eye on their trip on the website here.