South Dublin pub offering a free glass of vino for a swim 8 months ago

South Dublin pub offering a free glass of vino for a swim

Going for a dip in the sea just got even better.

This summer has been all about sea swims. Rain or shine Irish people have been getting their swim on at their local beach.


To be fair, jumping into the sea is one of the coldest most exhilarating experiences you will have. There is never a time when you get out of the sea and wish you hadn't gone in. It feels fantastic.

And as if beaches or go-to bathing spots weren't busy enough, we have a feeling you might see a few extra faces there this weekend!

This news is going to make this dips even more satisfying for swimmers in Dublin, because one pub is offering free drinks for bathers post dip in the sea.

Yes, you heard us right. One lovely publican has decided to give a free drink to each person who wants one after their swim in either Seapoint, Sandycove, or the Forty Foot.

The Lighthouse pub in Dun Laoghaire wants to reward the people brave enough to get their toes wet with anything from a coffee to a pint. They also offer food so you can refuel with some chips to accompany your free drink!

All you have to do is post a pic of the sea, or yourself by the sea on Instagram, then tag the Lighthouse Dublin, follow them and that's it.

Then you simply walk up to the cosy place for your post swim drinks the same day you've posted. They owe you one, after all.