Let’s talk about sex – Five of the most common myths debunked 5 years ago

Let’s talk about sex – Five of the most common myths debunked

We’re used to hearing lots of tall tales about sex and it can be hard to figure out what is actually true.

We’ve taken some of the most popular myths and found out exactly what's going on - and what you learn may just surprise you.



Myth - The bigger the better

One of the biggest sexual myths around is that size matters when it comes to sex.

In reality, a bigger penis may not actually make sex better but can in fact be painful or indeed more awkward for him to reach your G-Spot. Woman-on-top will allow you control over the situation.


If he’s not as big in that department, stick to positions that keep you close together such as the missionary position.


Myth - There’s no such thing as the G-Spot

The only people who are telling us this are the ones who haven’t found it yet.


In fact, a study in France found physical evidence of the G-spot and whether or not it helps you to orgasm actually comes down to your sensitivity.

Believe us, you’ll know it when your partner finds it.



Myth - Women hit their peak later than men

A lot of people believe that men reach their sexual peak at about 18 years of age, while women are much later, about 28 years of age.

This indicates that men and women are destined to be out of sync with each other sexually, but in reality, what is being talked about here are hormone levels.

Men’s testosterone levels peak at about 18, while women actually have no set peak – all you need to do is hop under the covers to sync up your libidos.



Myth - Porn is for guys

While many believe that porn is mainly a thing for the lads, and they are certainly more open about watching it, research has shown that women react just as strongly as men to erotic images.

A major issue is that women don't seem to be able to find the right type of porn for them.

But once you find something you like, you'll know full well that this one is definitely a myth.


Myth - He needs a rest

A common myth is that men can only orgasm once - however, this is because people are mistaking ejaculation with orgasm.

While it is true that men are limited to how much sperm can be released, he can still experience orgasms without ejaculating.