Starting college in 2020? Here's a living essentials guide to help you out 2 years ago

Starting college in 2020? Here's a living essentials guide to help you out

Brought to you by BIC®

How exciting!


OK, so starting college can be a little daunting but it also brings with it a world of opportunity. It's a chance to meet new people, explore different and opposing ideas, find your path and get involved in a whole host of sports and activities.

Begin as you mean to go on as the saying goes, and so a checklist of sorts, ensuring you start the college year with your best foot forward, is an absolute must. You will need:

1. New and Pleasant Bedsheets

Before you think we're being awfully plush, there is indeed method to our madness.


Lord knows cramming during exam time and those extra curricular (partying) activities will finally take their toll on your resources. And trust us, in the wee hours, you'll want to fall into a deep slumber. There really is no cure like a good night's rest.

2. Think Hygiene and Health

Absolutely necessary, especially during the times we live in. Keep you and your roomies safe by only using your own hygiene products and toiletries. That means having your owns protective masks when going to the supermarket too. We also recommend keeping the things you use daily inside of your own room, that includes your shampoo, body wash, tampons, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors, hair products, nail clippers... you name it.

Also, don't forget, a neat little first aid kit is incredibly handy — don't let a broken nail or a painful cut dampen your good mood.


3. Pens and Stationary (because we're all stationary geeks at heart)

There is no doubt, that if you want to learn something, it requires plenty of repetition and note taking. Make working and learning easier on yourself and be more efficient with BIC's Gel-Ocity range of quick dry gel pens — they're aimed at fast thinkers like yourself too.

They're ultra fast-drying, the ink won't smudge (delightful for lefties) and you can get them in 13 classic and luminous colour options including pink, orange, sea green and turquoise. You'll actually enjoy taking notes and what better way to help you recall what's written on them. For the future cramming sessions, they're most definitely on our list. You can buy them online at Eason's here and Dunnes Stores here.


BIC Gel-Ocity pens will be available from most major retailers in different pack sizes with an RRP starting from €2.99.

4. Earplugs

Highly underrated if you ask us.

Yes, we're sure you're a mad party-goer, but there will be times when you simply cannot take another late night, yet... others can. Don't be driven demented. Instead, ensure you allow yourself some much-loved shut eye. Pop in the plugs.

5. Under-Bed Storage


Hot days, cold days, rainy days.

When it comes to our beautiful Irish (and somewhat erratic) weather, it's essential we face it with the right gear. Therefore, the smarter you are with limited space, the better. Sort your woolly winter wearables into one storage box and your summer dresses in another, keeping the more versatile bits in your main wardrobe. Believe us, it makes the morning rush out the door much less of an ordeal.

6. Bike Lock

And a good one at that!

Lockdown got just about everyone and their granny more interested in riding bikes, including some pesky bike thieves. Take good care of your steed and invest in a good lock that's sure to repel anyone with sinister motives, whether you're roaming about town or through campus.

7. Needle, Thread and Stain Remover

No one will be there to wash out the mud, remove tomato stains and return your t-shirt pristine white. Save yourself from discarding good clothes, especially if it's something that can be so easily fixed. When it comes to stained clothes or the need to stitch up a nick in the arm of your jumper, have yourself a little repair kit, make life easier and save money.

Whether you're set to be living inside rented accommodation, student halls or a shared flat, the above essentials should be just enough to make life on campus that bit easier. The rest, we're sure, will all fall into place.

Brought to you by BIC®

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