Thighs chaffing? Here's the easiest ways to stop chub rub in its tracks this summer 3 years ago

Thighs chaffing? Here's the easiest ways to stop chub rub in its tracks this summer

The sun is here! Finally.

And with it comes chaffing thighs, sweaty backs, and the inability to walk anywhere without needing to drink approximately 18 gallons of water.


What a glorious time.

Chaffy thighs are not ideal for a lot of reasons.

Never mind the fact that it's uncomfortable, but after a while it can also lead to a rash, a lot of dryness, and a whole load of pain.

So much pain. 


While the only foolproof way to ensure that the ol' chub rub doesn't occur is by literally never walking anywhere when it's warm out, there are a couple of other things you can do to make that chafe a little less daunting.

1. Spray some dry shampoo on there, girl

Genuinely a life-saver is dry shampoo.

Just when you thought you had all your uses for it (saving you from looking like a greasy mess), dry shampoo is back at it with its game-changing properties.


Spray a bit of it between your thighs and you will be absolutely ready to walk wherever you want with bare minimum chafe.


2. Vaseline. All the Vaseline. 


Smear Vaseline on your thighs and you'll feel like you're walking on air.

No longer will your thighs pull painfully against each other when you're out and about. A whole new world.

3. Use some Talc

Talc is great because it's cheap, it's cheerful, and it takes all that unwanted moisture out of your legs.

Pat some on the offending areas and your thighs should glide past each other no bother.


You'll be able to strut around with ease.

4. Get some roll-on deodorant 

Not a lot of people use roll-on because it has a tendency to get a bit sticky if you use too much of it, but when it comes to a bit of chub rub, it might just be your saviour.

All you need to do is roll some of the stuff onto your thighs before you head out in the morning and you should be grand.

It'll also stay on for longer in the heat too.


5. Wear some pants 

If you can't hit up a shop to pick up any of the above products, don't worry.

Just wear some pants if it's bothering you that much.