Stylist and interior designer Sooby Lynch shows off her house 2 months ago

Stylist and interior designer Sooby Lynch shows off her house

The idea behind her minimal house is to only surround yourself with things that make you happy.

The latest episode of Interior Motives is out and this week editor and stylist, Sooby Lynch, shows us around her Scandanavian inspired home in Dublin.

If you have been thinking of updating your kitchen and going for a more minimalistic look then wait until you see the stunning all-white kitchen that this house features.

As a stylist, Sooby has a good eye for what works and she's been able to seamlessly incorporate a mix of industrial and Scandi style in her home.

"The thing that I was really drawn to when I looked at pictures on Instagram or Pinterest was Scandinavian but minimalist houses," she says.

"It's about keeping surfaces clear and only choosing your favourite things and only surrounding yourself with really beautiful things that make you happy every single day."

Sooby recently renovated the home: "a 1930s house and we have made it as open plan as possible. We got rid of as many walls and doors and small tiny dark rooms as possible."

Her favourite room in the house is the kitchen, where her family spend most of their time.

"This is the room that has probably changed the most from what it was like before," she says. "Our kitchen we just bought from a regular high street store. We had a very clear idea of what we wanted to fit in

"The kitchen is fairly budget friendly, we didn't go with a really fancy brand or anything. But we did get a hob with the extractor built into it."

Sooby had been planning this stunning renovation for years and was able to personalise some pieces in her kitchen from ideas she had seen on social media.

"I saw something on Pinterest a few years ago and pinned it and was just adamant that I wanted it," she says. "It was a special part of the cabinet for putting baking trays and tins, this idea of having segments within a press for your baking trays.

"I really wanted it and now I have it and it makes me happy every day.