It's summertime! Here's how to get that summer feeling every day despite the rain 3 years ago

It's summertime! Here's how to get that summer feeling every day despite the rain

Brought to you by Keogh's Crisps

The rain isn't going to keep us from those summer vibes.


Not a chance.

Yes, it may be lashing outside and, sure, the weather forecast is not looking bright for summer 2019. This is Ireland, though, and if we've learnt anything from living here, it's the ability to completely ignore bad weather (except when we want to complain about it, of course).

We'll admit it: summer 2018 left us with high hopes for the future summers of our lives. We are 100 percent up for the fight against global warming, but a little part of us did think, "well, I mean, if it gives us summers like this..." Alas, now, the cold and rain are back.

That means we have to resort to our old tricks to make sure summer feels like, well, summer. So in typical fashion, we thought we'd make a list so you can avoid the bleak reality right along with us.


1. Tan, tan, tan

Being honest, a good portion of us wouldn't get any colour (unless that colour is red) even if the sun did decide to show its face, so fake tan is a pretty vital commodity either way. You know the drill, ladies, lather it on. Don't stop until it looks like you've spent the entire summer in Death Valley or the entire summer working in Willie Wonka's chocolate factory (but if it's the latter, you seriously need to rethink your tan brand, girl).

2. Host a weatherproof BBQ


The wind is blowing and the rain is pouring down, which means no juicy barbecue for us. While we don't mind having to wrap up on a cool summer's evening to get grilling, even we won't go so far as standing in the dripping wet, attempting to cook a soggy burger on the BBQ. So, if it does look the heavens are going to open up, make sure you have an extra supply of BBQ-themed snacks as back up if you have to forego the actual BBQ.

One very Irish solution to this very Irish problem is to rely on the good old potato. Not just any potatoes though - crisps or, more specifically, Keogh's Flame Grilled Irish Steak crisps. With real Irish steak, the rain won't hold us back from getting that grilled steak flavour. Plus, they're crinkle cut, and we do love a good crunch so.

3. Wear sunglasses. ALL the time.


It doesn't matter if the clouds are making it so dark that you can barely see a foot in front of you. Those things are necessary if you want those summer feels and, more importantly, if you want to let people know that you're feeling those summer feels. We, personally, will be keeping our sunnies firmly on our faces even while indoors. We suggest you do the same.

4. Switch to iced-coffee

We made this switch back in May just in preparation for summertime. We had expected to be downing them by the venti-load by now but, unfortunately, we are still shivering and turning blue with each sip of this delicious but oh-so-very-cold beverage. Not that a little thing like that will stop us. For the sake of our imaginary summer, we are determined to power through.


5. Organise a beach day

These are reserved for the days when the sun peeps out from behind the clouds for at least 20 minutes. If the day's weather forecast gives you any cause for hope, get the gang together, don some shorts and sandals, and head for the sand. If you're serious about this summer-feeling business, you really should bring a swimsuit for a quick dip in the water. You might be unable to get rid of that chill in your bones for the whole day but, trust us, you'll feel so much more summery. For bonus points, "sunbathe" in your bikini for at least half an hour. Yep, we're definitely starting to see that "tan" coming up now. Might add a few extra layers later just to make sure...

Are you feeling the summer vibes yet? Well, if you're not you better get on these pronto.

Here comes the (pretend) sun.

Brought to you Keogh's Crisps