Tayto Park will be letting twins in for free this Saturday 3 years ago

Tayto Park will be letting twins in for free this Saturday

If you know anyone that's a twin or you are on yourself, then this might be up your street...

We're very aware of the fact that not every twin is an identical one, but after hearing of a very generous promotion by Tayto Park this weekend, we instantly thought of the beloved location in Meath brimming with children looking like this.


Thrilling and terrifying in equal measure, much like their best rollercoasters!

Twins is the go-to word this Saturday at Tayto Park (3 August) as all twins - good and evil - will receive free entry, where they can enjoy the ultimate twin day out to celebrate International Twins Day with their family and friends.

Tayto Park has clarified that the offer applies to entry only. Wristbands can be purchased upon entry for €18.50 per person, while tokens can also be purchased upon entry.


In case you're planning some Machiavellian scheme to gain entry without actually being a twin, photo identification is required with date of birth upon arrival to avail of free entry. If it needed to be said, both twins will have to be present to avail of the offer; how can you prove you're a twin if your twin isn't there after all?

If photo I.D is not available to the twins, a birth certificate will also be accepted along with a photo I.D from one parent (the parent must also be present on the day )

This offer is available on Saturday, 3 August only and it also applies to multiples (triplets, quadruplets etc).

We're sure Apu will be delighted.

More information is available on the Tayto Park website here.