These are the professions people find  most attractive 4 years ago

These are the professions people find most attractive

Good news in the doctor's surgery as it turns out that medicine is the sexiest profession when it comes to eyeing up a potential date. 

A study carried out by dating website has gleaned some pretty interesting results regarding the most attractive jobs.

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Medicine is deemed the most attractive profession. 

The site scrutinised all its data from its heterosexual UK users to find that four percent of singles get hot under the collar for a medical professional.

The study reports that six per cent of women are holding out for their real life Dr. Dreamy.

And contrary to popular stereotype, fire fighters didn't feature at all (sorry guys).

Men apparently want to date women they can learn from. 

For men - five per cent find teachers most attractive when sizing up a potential female partner.

Another common stereotype was blasted on this list too, with less than two per cent of males interested in dating a model.

The top 10 professions that women are attracted to in men:

  1. Medical/dental/veterinary (6%)
  2. Legal (6%)
  3. Teacher/professor (5%)
  4. Financial services (5%)
  5. Technical/computers/engineering (5%)
  6. Executive/management (5%)
  7. Self-employed (4%)
  8. Sales/marketing (4%)
  9. Political/government/civil service/military (4%)
  10. Advertising/media (4%)

The top 10 professions that men are attracted to in women:

  1. Teacher/Professor (5%)
  2. Administrative/Secretarial (5%)
  3. Medical/Dental/Veterinary (5%)
  4. Sales/Marketing (4%)
  5. Financial Services (4%)
  6. Legal (4%)
  7. Travel/Hospitality/Transportation (4%)
  8. Technical/Computers/Engineering (4%)
  9. Advertising/Media (3%)
  10. Political/Government/Civil service/Military (3%)