There is a petition for Irish people to stop work during the heat wave 4 years ago

There is a petition for Irish people to stop work during the heat wave

We can definitely get behind this. 

With the hot weather we've been having the first thing people are quick to complain about is having to go to work. Offices in Ireland are used to a much colder climate so any sign of heat and the walls begin to sweat.

It's no surprise therefore that a petition has been created online suggesting that the people of Ireland should be allowed to take a day off if temperatures go above 24 degrees.

They are looking for 7,500 people to sign up for a petition which is directed at An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, calling on him to approve "an official day-off".

On the site they explain:

"Enda needs to respect the fact that we as a people can barely function when it’s this hot. We are not used to these barbaric conditions. It’s a breach of Human rights (probably), and we won’t stand for it any longer.

If the thermometer above reaches 24 degrees or over, and this petition fills its quota, then our government must act. Thousands of workers are spending every waking minute of these hot-working days uncomfortably."

They've also penned a letter on behalf of the Irish people which is addressed to Enda and reads:

"Dear An Taoiseach,

I write this letter representing the sweaty, over-worked people of Ireland.

I can only assume you’re struggling in your own office right now; your red-raw greasy neck smushed into the collar of your trusty blue cedarwood-state shirt… And that puce tie your kids bought you slowly strangling all thought from your brain. 

You, like us, need a day off.


C’mon. Be sound, lad.

If this petition reaches the required 7,500 signatures, and the temperature gauge reaches 24 degrees celcius, we demand an automatic day off to be enacted.

A day to run through the streets/fields/parks in this glorious heat and sunshine.

-We will buy you a Choc Ice.

-We promise to stay out ‘till it gets dark.

-We promise to be nicer to each other.

-We will shrug off nettle stings and grassy knees with child-like abandon.

-We will embrace our sunburn like patchy-badges of pride.

-We will visit Beer-Gardens responsibly.

-We will be happy…

-We will feel like we’re all in this together, a nation united by blissful sunshine.

As the great Bowie said, even “…Just for one day…”


The Irish People."

We have a sneaking suspicion this could be some sort of marketing stunt from a company or brand so we're not holding out any hope about the authenticity of the petition and whether or not it will actually make its way to Enda.

We will, however, live in hope of a day off when the next heat wave graces us with its presence.