There's a new elephant calf at Dublin Zoo and he's ADORABLE 3 years ago

There's a new elephant calf at Dublin Zoo and he's ADORABLE

Just LOOK at him.

It's Wednesday and Valentine's Day which isn't exactly the best combination (Friday, Christmas day is much more preferable) so we need some cheering up.


Along comes this adorable elephant male calf who has just joined the Dublin Zoo family.

Anak gave birth to a healthy male calf on Saturday and this is her second, the seventh elephant calf to be born at Dublin Zoo in less than four years.

Speaking about the new arrival, Gerry Creighton, the Operations Manager at Dublin Zoo said:

"We are delighted to welcome our new arrival to Dublin Zoo and happy to report the calf is healthy, strong and was standing within minutes of his birth. 

It is fascinating to watch the younger females interact with the calf, as they are working together to protect him. Witnessing the sights and sounds of an elephant birth, is important to inexperienced females in the herd as it prepares them for motherhood".

The newborn, who hasn't yet been named, joins his sibling, mother Anak, father Upali and the herd of elephants at Dublin Zoo.


It's estimated that the elephant population has declined considerably, by over 50 percent and an international breeding programme has been established to help ensure the survival of the Asian elephant.

Now, we have the perfect excuse to visit Dublin Zoo again (yes, we are big kids at heart).