There's A New Zara Slogan T-Shirt That's Ruffling a LOT Of Feathers 5 years ago

There's A New Zara Slogan T-Shirt That's Ruffling a LOT Of Feathers

Another day, another slogan tee causing offense.

We are starting to think there's some sort of secret "who can get the most offended" competition that we didn't know about.


But anyhow, here is the tee that is causing all the fuss:

Gluten Free

While we presume that the clothing chain were playing on the fact that the gluten-free diet has become somewhat of a popular trend, people are up in arms that the t-shirt makes fun of a serious illness.

The coeliac community is so unhappy with the design that they have started up a petition on to get Zara to remove the t-shirt - and it has already received 53,000 signatures.

Marta Casadesius, who started the petition explained to The Local

"The truth is that I just wanted Zara to reflect on the message, I was trying to explain that perhaps it wasn't the best way to make people aware of the illness."

Zara have since issued an apology, saying:


"The T-shirt mentioned in this petition was pulled from our online store a few weeks ago now and we are currently confirming that it is not for sale in our stores either.

"We sincerely regret that this case might be interpreted as a trivialization of coeliac disease, the absolute opposite of our intentions."