The five counties with the highest number of road collisions caused by excessive speed 6 years ago

The five counties with the highest number of road collisions caused by excessive speed

A report issued by the Road Safety Authority of Ireland includes statistics in relation to road deaths in Ireland between 2008 and 2012.

Findings presented by the RSA included that there were 983 fatal car crashes in Ireland during that period in which 1,077 people lost their lives.


Brought to our attention by, the report sought to identify what the main causes of the aforementioned collisions were, concluding that excessive speed was a factor for 322 fatalities.

Other notable findings in the report were the counties where speed was mentioned most as a contributory factor with the results as follows: Donegal (8.4%), Cork (8%), Wexford (8%), Cavan (7%) and Galway (7%).

Card dashboard in motion at 60 kmh

The RSA report also showed that over 50 percent of the drivers involved in speed-related accidents were aged between 16-24.


Speaking at the RSA's Annual Internation Road Safety Conference this weekend, RSA Chairperson Liz O'Donell said:

“Previous research based on preliminary Garda crash scene reports estimated that excessive speed was a factor in 15% of fatal collisions.

“The report published today, using data from An Garda Síochána Forensic Investigation Files, shows that excessive speed plays a more significant role in collisions on our roads, accounting for one in three fatal collisions analysed between 2008 and 2012.

“The faster you drive, the more likely you are to kill or seriously injure yourself or someone else if you are involved in a collision. Slow down – drive at a speed that is appropriate to the conditions and your experience, and remember a speed limit is not a target.”