The Most Expensive (And Cheapest) Cities In the World 4 years ago

The Most Expensive (And Cheapest) Cities In the World

Now that we're well into spring, it's officially time to get summer holiday planning.

If you're completely stumped for a destination, then this new research could come in handy.


The Economics Intelligence Unit have released their twice-yearly report and it includes the world's most expensive cities.

We expected New York to be even higher on the list...

Here are the cities where you're likely to pay over and above the average rate:

1. Singapore
2. Zurich
3. Hong Kong
4. Geneva
5. Paris
6. London
7. New York & Copenhagen (joint)
8. Seoul & Los Angeles (joint)

On the other hand, these are the cheapest cities in the world.

1. Caracas
2. Damascus
3. New Delhi
4. Chennai
5. Almaty
6. Algiers
7. Karachi
8. Mumbai
9. Bangalore
10. Lusaka