6 things that are bound to happen once we're back working in an office 1 month ago

6 things that are bound to happen once we're back working in an office

Can't wait to share an eighth of a donut with Mark from IT.

After 17 long months of working from home, it looks like we may be bidding working from home a fine farewell.


That's right, today marks the start of the Irish Government's "phased and staggered" return to in-office work.

While we've all grown fond of working from home (we'll miss wearing pajama bottoms all day), the corporate workplace is not without its charms.

For better or for worse, here are six things that are bound to happen when we finally start working in an office again.

1. Feigning shock during 'surprise' birthday celebrations

Is there anything more awkward than acting like you don't know what's happening when you've been summoned to the canteen on your special day? What is the correct response to your colleagues serenading you with Happy Birthday? Sheer cringe, to be honest.

2. Monday morning small talk


In-person small talk is back. No longer contained to the opening minutes of a Zoom meeting, you'll soon be able to delight your colleagues with anecdotes from your uneventful weekend in person. Susan from Accounts is only dying to hear about how you took it easy on Friday night before going for a quiet pint on Saturday. Honestly, she'll be thrilled.

3. Weird office leftovers

You can bet your bottom dollar that at some point Greg from Finance will leave a dozen donuts for the taking in the office canteen. The lucky first few will be able to nab their favourite flavour, but as the donuts dwindle, the kitchen knives will come out. By three o'clock nothing will remain apart from an eighth of a sad jammy donut, which absolutely no one wants.


4. Office Christmas party fear

The return of the office also heralds in the return of the office party, and with it, a new level of 'the fear'. Seriously, is there anything more morto than realising you poured your heart out to Tony from Sales while Mariah Carey played in the background? I don't think so.

5. The Tupperware box of good intentions


We'll spend Sunday evenings chopping vegetables and grilling chicken with the intention of saving cash and eating healthily. By Wednesday, we'll abandon our plan once the allure of a cheeky midweek kebab comes our way.

6. Water cooler chats with your work bestie

Being back in the office means the return of workplace gossip, and who better to parse through it all with than your favourite colleague? Sneaky water-cooler chats trump Slack messages any day of the week.