5 things that will definitely happen once the clubs reopen 1 year ago

5 things that will definitely happen once the clubs reopen

We're gonna hype up every single girlo we meet in the toilets, that's for sure.

Earlier this week, the nightlife sector finally got the go-ahead to reopen on 22 October after 17 long months.


The announcement was good news for the industry, who have been pushing for reopening for quite some time.

The news was also very much welcomed by those of us who sheer adore a good night out. As we look ahead to a return to clubbing, here are five things that are bound to happen once the clubs reopen.

1. A single after-work glass of wine will quickly escalate into a fully fledged night out

It's a long time coming, but some things never change. A 'quiet one' rarely stays that way, and post-restriction life is unlikely to be any different. And sure, don't those nights out always end up being the most fun?


2. We'll befriend every single girlo we meet in the jacks

Those fleeting toilet friendships are unlike any other, and, after 17 months without them, you better believe we'll be ready to hype up Shannon from Roscommon, tell her how her boyfriend does not deserve her, follow her on Instagram and then never see her again. Unmatched vibes, tbh.


3. We'll sneak off for a garlic cheese chips halfway through the night

Going out is fun, but it's not quite as fun as a 2am Supermac's visit. Plus, all that dancing and mingling can really take it out of you, and we'll for sure need some sort of combo meal for sustenance. Just make sure you grab some chewing gum while you're at it.


4. We'll overshare with the taxi driver on the way home

Does this unsuspecting driver actually care to know the full tea on why we're emotionally unavailable? No. Are we going to tell him anyway? Absolutely.

5. We'll just generally be delighted with life.

It'll be so good to be back, lads.