This Gilmore Girls fan got engaged on the ACTUAL Stars Hollow gazebo 1 year ago

This Gilmore Girls fan got engaged on the ACTUAL Stars Hollow gazebo

I'm so jealous.

I think we all dream about what it will be like to get engaged.

Some of us want a private and romantic setting, and some of us want massive gestures and flash mobs.

The best kind of proposal is a thoughtful one!

And one lucky lady recently lived through the sweetest and most amazing proposal ever.

So, I am a massive Gilmore Girls fan - it's just the most soothing and glorious show.

I've always been obsessed with there cute small town of Stars Hollow.

Molly Larimer is also a Gilmore Girls mega fan, who recently went to visit the set with her boyfriend.

Anyway, while they were doing a tour of the gorge Stars Hollow, Molly went for a closer look at the famous gazebo.

All was normal, until her lovely man got down on one knee and proposed - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAZEBO.


Molly explained the story to Mashable, and it's so cute:

“We got to the Stars Hollow area and our tour guide had everyone get out of the tram and go walk toward the gazebo.”

"We got up to it, and the guide asked us all if there were any big Gilmore Girls fans in the group, and my fiancé and I both raised our hands."

"Then the guide asked us to go onto the gazebo to do an ‘improv scene.’ When we got up onto the gazebo, Sebastian told me that we were there for another reason, and he got down on one knee.”

How sweet is that?