This girl's brother played the most hilarious Christmas prank on her 5 years ago

This girl's brother played the most hilarious Christmas prank on her

Brothers, eh?

Anyone who has a brother knows that while you love them to bits, they are also absolute brats.


This seems to be true to most siblings but especially this poor American girl who's brother loves to be extra mean around the holidays.

20-year-old Morgan Svobodny from Minnesota in the U.S. uses Twitter to share with people the pranks her brother pulls on her.

Last year for Christmas, 23-year-old Zachary got her a jar which was filled with a note for each day, with some 'revisions'.

This year however, he went that extra mile by sending out a Christmas card on behalf of his sister.

Zach (quite convincingly) photoshopped a photo of his sister and rapper Chief Keef together to make it look like they were a couple.

Here's the original:



And here's the finished product:

christmas card photoshop

He then put it on the front of a Christmas card and sent it to all her relatives with the following message:


''He has many songs that you've probably heard of such as 'That's the Shit I Don't Like', 'I Hate Being Sober' and 'These bitches love Sosa'.'' One line said.

''I found out I'm pregnant and I'm pretty sure Keith is the dad'' was another charming line.


Zach chose this particular rapper because his lyrics are rather provocative and wanted to make his relatives awkward.

While one of her aunts received that card and rang her to ask about her new boyfriend, some of the other cards have not yet been delivered.

Morgan told Buzzfeed that she is anxious to see what the rest of her family members say.