This Irish app will reward you for not hitting the snooze button 4 years ago

This Irish app will reward you for not hitting the snooze button

We've all been there.

Hitting the snooze button once, twice, and maybe even three teams can easily become a part of the morning routine.


Especially when it's cold out there and the idea of staying under the duvet is so inviting.

But a new Irish app is aiming to help you ditch the snooze button altogether, and get your morning moving faster.

The alarm clock app, called FirstUp, gives you brand discounts and rewards for waking up in the mornings.


They have a number of partnership deals with companies like Ambr Eyewear, Benefit Cosmetics and Maxol.

Rewards range from beauty treatments to free coffees and just about everything in between.

You have to get a certain number of 'sleeps' (aka: times you turn off the app in the morning), depending on the reward you want.


Only one sleep can be redeemed each calendar day. Once you get the number of sleeps you need, you'll receive a unique code to redeem your reward.

Yes, it really is that easy. Just make sure you don't hit snooze.

Launched by 28-year-olds Ruaidhri Finnegan and Dan Moriarty, the app has already proven to be a huge success.

Prior to the official launch in December, thousands of people had signed up for a chance to use the app and make their mornings a little better.


FirstUp is available via iOS and Android