This is how much money people are saving per month for a wedding 4 years ago

This is how much money people are saving per month for a wedding

A lot goes into planning a wedding.

And those of you who are recently married are probably shouting (*internally) at your phone screens, 'YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH IT COSTS!'.


However, a new survey by have taken into account just how much couples need to save for a wedding - and it's bleak.

On average, people save €120 a month to put towards their wedding – which means it takes around 10 years for the average couple to save for a wedding costing €28,500 (€29,000 being the national average).

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By 2028, the company's personal finance data tool predicts a 17 percent increase in the total cost of getting married -which will amount to €32,900.



The survey found that wedding costs have risen by 60 percent in the space of 22 years and it doesn't look like it'll be coming down anytime soon.

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Editor in Chief of said: “The cost of our major life events like buying a house and getting married are rising but wages are not keeping up. More than ever before people need to make their finances a priority.


"Our predictions can give people a good indication of how much these life events are going to cost and the amount they need to save for their dream futures."

Well, our dreams of having a wedding someday have been well and truly hindered...