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It's a valid question!

Google gives us a good indication of what poeple are feeling and thinking, by simply providing us with Google autocomplete search results.

If you start a question such as 'who is...' or 'what is...' you will get a good idea about what people are curious about.

This particular Google autocomplete proved very interesting, as it gave us an insight into how people see our country as well as many others.

Linguist and Mathematician Jakub Marian created a graphic that revealed that post popular questions about each country.

He used the popular question "Why is *country*..." to see what would come up for each country.

The most popular question about Ireland, wasn't about politics or referendum, but about the colour of the country, yep, "Why is Ireland so green".

There were other amusing ones such as "Why is Turkey called Turkey" and "Why is Belgium a country".

But other interesting ones arise, for example "Why is Russia bombing Syria" and "Why is France under attack".


There is also plenty of stereotypical questions.  Apparently all Google users think the Czechs are atheists, the Poles Catholics, and the Danes are happy.


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