This Reddit post about strippers is causing debate 3 years ago

This Reddit post about strippers is causing debate

What do you think?

The relationship section of Reddit is both interesting and thought-provoking. And sometimes it makes you very glad to have healthy relationship with people.


Many people use the forum website as a way to get opinion on an argument they've had with their partner or to get advice on how to handle issues.

Most posts that go on Reddit cause debate and see a huge mix of opinions and this one is no different.

In this case, a 27-year-old man wanted advice on whether his girlfriend was overreacting after he went to a stag night which had strippers.

''I went to a bachelor party this past weekend, and the host invited strippers over for entertainment.
I told my girlfriend about this because I like to be transparent and honest about everything.
And now she things (sic) that my friends and I are disgusting people.
She told me that she doesn't want to look at me anymore or even be touched by me.''
The original poster added that he kept to himself and didn't engage with the strippers.
The post received very mixed reactions.
Some agreed with his girlfriend, claiming she has a right to be mad as it could be seen as adulterous behaviour.
''Yikes. Strippers at home are typically much, much raunchier than strippers in a club. Make it up to her or get dumped basically. Good luck!'' One commenter said.
''It is a reasonable relationship boundary to not want your SO to go to a strip club. However, this should ideally be discussed before the incident happens.'' Another posted.
Another poster added that just because it's common doesn't make it okay.
''I like your girlfriend already, lol. Refreshing to know I'm not the only person out there who thinks like this. Hiring strippers/going to strip clubs may be common, especially for things like bachelor parties, but I do think it's adulterous behavior. Don't understand how more people don't have a problem with this.''
Other felt that she was overreacting to the situation, especially considering he didn't know strippers would be there.
''I don't think you did anything wrong - at all. And considering how it all happened, I think handled yourself fine - especially for someone unexpectedly put in an uncomfortable position, you yourself, didn't actually want to be in.'' One person said.
''She's overreacting. You didn't do anything with the strippers, you didn't hire them, and you didn't know what to do. How would you? It's not like a car accident where you're told to get out and exchange insurance information. No one tells you "when your friends hired strippers come over and you're drunk, make sure to leave".''
Another person felt her behaviour was the one that was unacceptable.
''Totally unreasonable. I wouldn't quite call you a victim in this situation (no one sexually assaulted you or anything), but you're much closer to being a victim than a transgressor. I understand why she would be surprised by this, but the fact that she shows no empathy or understanding for you in this situation is concerning.''

When it comes to the ethics of stripping everyone has their own opinion, just as everyone has their opinion on whether engaging with strippers is adulterous.


Ultimately many people said that they should have a discussion on what they each consider deal breakers in the relationship.

''You've been together a year, I'm surprised this didn't come up ahead of time.'' One person said

''It is a reasonable relationship boundary to not want your SO to go to a strip club. However, this should ideally be discussed before the incident happens.'' Another said.

In most situations like this, communication is key.