This ridiculously simple change can help keep bloating at bay 4 years ago

This ridiculously simple change can help keep bloating at bay

Who knew?!

Although the foods that cause bloating are often talked about, we never really focus on how we intake said food.


How we eat has an impact on digestion and making small adjustments can actually result in a noticeable difference.

With busy lifestyles taking over, we often eat on the go.

How many of you ate breakfast standing up this morning or grabbed a quick sandwich while discussing last night's The Fall with your colleagues?

Eating too quickly means you haven't digested your food properly and not only that, talking while eating means air gets into your digestive tract.

However, if you leave the chats until after you've eaten (and believe me I know how hard that is) then you can concentrate on chewing.

Having conducted research on the subject, experts at Ohio State University have recommended chewing softer food 5-10 times, and dense foods (meats/vegetables) up to 30 times before you swallow.



While the above seems a bit excessive, it is widely acknowledged that chewing your food properly is essential for your body's digestive system to function as it should.

We rarely think about the process of eating and instead just eat but if you do focus on it and take your time to chew properly, you'll notice a difference.

Chewing slowly and properly will ensure you digest your meal and as a result, bloating will lessen.

It might take a bit of getting used to but you'll be glad you made the change.