This TikTok hack shows you how to pack more despite baggage allowance 9 months ago

This TikTok hack shows you how to pack more despite baggage allowance

Trying this one next.

Now that we can travel again, trying to remember how we used to pack is a task within itself.


Trying to avoid extra costs at the airport if your bag goes over the allowance might just ruin your holiday from the start, but one TikToker has a hack to help with this little issue.

Kristen Black, or @kristenashleyblack, has shown us just the way to do it after posting a video of her in the airport with nothing but a small backpack to fit all her belongings.

Showing how to "save space, save money", she takes her knitted polo jumper and puts it on the ground before piling the rest of her clothes on top.


Captioning the video "how to pack for your Ryanair flight", she then rolls her jumper from the neck creating a DIY neck pillow and ties it around her neck with the sleeves.

She then get her toiletries in order and puts them in her small backpack as she has no clothes in it anymore.

And she even as room left to take home some gifts she bought while away, which of course she has already kept in mind.

Putting a toy rabbit on her head and then a beanie over it, you can't even see she has anything underneath. She also makes use of her big coat pockets.

@kristenashleyblacksave space save money @ryanair ##travelhacks♬ versace mens spring summer 2020 - ⠀

At the end, she simply says: "Ready for Paris fashion week + saving money so win win."

With 2.8 million and over 250,000 likes, it wasn't long before the video grabbed the attention of Ryanair themselves.


And if you know anything about their TikTok account, whoever runs it is hilarious, commenting on the post with: "Bestie I’m scared."