Three Foot Rat Found Swimming in Irish River 6 years ago

Three Foot Rat Found Swimming in Irish River

Fair warning: If you're of a squeamish nature, you may wish to look away now. 

A coypu South American swamp rat has been found swimming in Co Tipperary.


This is no ordinary rodent. In fact, it's believed to be the biggest of its kind ever captured in Ireland, measuring a terrifying three foot.


The rats are identifiable by their large orange teeth. Image via.

According to The Irish Sun, the rat is now being cared for by the Wildlife Unit at the Kildare Animal Foundation. He has been nicknamed "Swampy".

If you're already fearing the reign of the rat overlords though, relax. Speaking to The Irish Sun Dan Donoher said: "It must have escaped or been released into the wild because ordinarily they would not be found here.

"It's the first one of its kind that anyone here has heard of."

The organisation is currently looking for a home for the rat. Any takers?



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