Tried and tested: 3 TikTok hacks, including tanning your back and folding towels 3 months ago

Tried and tested: 3 TikTok hacks, including tanning your back and folding towels

Tips for tan, towels and egg sandwiches that will change your life for the better.

I have learnt some skills over the last few months that will stay with me forever, from folding towels like they are folded in hotels, to making a delicious and quick egg sandwich, to finally being able to put fake tan on my back.

I will quickly touch on the fake tan because this was life changing. Some people can tan their backs and others, myself included, can't. That's just the way the world works, you're either one or another. There is no in between.

To tan your back all you need is a wooden spoon, a bobbin and a tanning mitt. And of course, needless to say, you need some fake tan as well.


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Find it impossible to properly apply tan to your own back? @cassiestokes puts 3 tips for getting full fake tan coverage to the test

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Get your spoon, preferably clean, put some fake tan on your mitt and secure it on the spoon with the bobbin and then turn your back to a mirror and start tanning your back. All the places you weren't able to get before will become easily accessible and your life will change immediately!

Forget asking family members or house mates to finish off tanning your back, just watch the video above and you'll be sorted.

Another hack that has improved my life at home is thanks to the wonderful people on TikTok who have nothing but time to film themselves doing something I've never seen before. The latest was folding towels the same way they are folded in hotels.

All you need is clean towels and a little bit of space, you don't even need much time. This trick literally takes seconds.

Now, I'm not talking swan shapes like you find in Bali, just a rolled towel like you find in a boutique hotel in Ireland.

You lay out your towel out, then fold, and turn over, and roll. It's pretty simple. Just watch the video.

And lastly if you're running out the door and you don't have much time to cook a little meal, I saw this cute hack about how to make a delicious egg sandwich with minimum time and minimum mess.

What you need for this is a pan, a slice of bread, an egg, a bowl and some butter. Mix the egg in the bowl (add some salt and pepper and milk if you want) throw the butter on the pan, add the egg mix, throw on the bread and then flip the bread and fold.