‘Tinder for athletes’ will help you find the perfect workout buddies 5 years ago

‘Tinder for athletes’ will help you find the perfect workout buddies

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The gym doesn’t exactly strike us as the ideal place to meet someone new for the first time.


If you’re doing it right, you should be sweaty, possibly out of breath and not exactly looking a million dollars, although that said, the vast increase in the number of gym selfies taken in the social media era suggests that people are making more of an effort to look good while working out these days.

Capitalising on the increased social media activity witnessed in gyms worldwide, a new app called Gymder (wonder where the inspiration came from?) from a company based in Munich says it “brings real people together in real life” by allowing users to “find mutually interested workout partners nearby right when you need them".

After creating a profile, Gymder users can find other Gymder users nearby and perhaps arrange to train with them, while interacting with other fitness enthusiasts and getting tips and valuable information from influencers and professional athletes.


While the app describes itself as a platform for fitness, the potential for it to be used as a dating network (which, to be fair, is kind of hinted at in the name) are hard to ignore.

According to Gizmodo, for example, as well as describing itself as 'Tinder/Instagram for athletes’ in a press release, users are required to allow access to all of their photos if they want to show up in the location-based home screen and are also required to give permission for their location to be tracked at all times.

Clip via GYMDER GmbH


It definitely won’t be for some people’s tastes, but if you’re interested, even out of curiosity, check out the website and download the app via iTunes or Google Play.