The top 10 baby names of 2019 have just been revealed 2 years ago

The top 10 baby names of 2019 have just been revealed

Ah, baby names.

We're always keen to find out the most popular baby names as they can change so much going from decade to decade.


What's thought of as 'in' one year is 'out' the next, and sometimes some pretty random monikers make the list.

Nameberry has just complied its most recent list of poplar baby names for 2019 (so far), but we have to say we're not all that surprised by them.

The top 5 for boys and girls have largely remained the same with only a few new ones thrown in.

The site calculate the popularity of the names based on which names attract the most views on the site.

With 11 million views so far this year, it's clear that the following 10 are making their way to the main stage:


1. Posie
2. Isla
3. Olivia
4. Aurora
5. Maeve



1. Milo
2. Jasper
3. Atticus
4. Theodore
5. Asher

Posie for a girl has taken a massive hike, as it has never been in the site's Top 1000 names - ever.

However, Nameberry says that while Posie has overtaken Olivia, the name will still be as popular for years to come.

"Olivia has been a favourite with Nameberry visitors and parents around the world for many years now, ranking among the US Top 10 since 2001 and standing at Number 3 on Nameberry’s 2019 list.


"Jack is the top boys’ name in Scotland and Ireland and ranks Number 7 among boys’ names for 2019. Other classics with staying power: Charlotte at Number 10 and Oliver at Number 14."