Top 20 baby names inspired by mythology 3 months ago

Top 20 baby names inspired by mythology

From Tristan to Persephone, there are plenty to choose from.

Greek, Roman and Celtic mythology has long been a source of fascination and research for classical scholars, but mythology has also inspired parents in naming their children.


According to research commissioned by Play Like Mum, mythical names remain a popular choice for parents in the UK. In fact, the toy company have even provided a list of the 10 most popular boys and girls names inspired by mythology.

Greek mythology has proven to be the most inspirational for baby names. In the last decade, there were 64,216 babies named after figures from Greek myth in the UK.

It's not all Greek though. Many names on the list are derived from other ancient worlds, including Roman, Norse, Celtic and Arthurian.


If you were planning on choosing a strong, classics-inspired moniker for your little one, do feel free to check out Play Like Mum's lists below.

Boys Mythical Names in the UK

1. Tristan

Origin: Arthurian, Celtic


Name count: 3,258

2. Phoenix

Origin: Greek

Name count: 2,156


3. Hector

Origin: Arthurian, Greek

Name count: 1,759

4. Cian

Origin: Celtic


Name count: 1,541

5. Troy

Origin: Greek

Name count: 1,111

6. Hari

Origin: Hindu

Name count: 856

7. Loki

Origin: Norse, Germanic

Name count: 761

8. Orion

Origin: Greek

Name count: 661

9. Odin

Origin: Norse, Germanic

Name count: 652

10. Atlas

Origin: Greek

Name count: 578

Girls Mythical Names in the UK

1. Maia

Origin: Greek

Name count: 2,362

2. Athena

Origin: Greek

Name count: 1,862

3. Freyja

Origin: Norse, Germanic

Name count: 881

4. Rhea

Origin: Greek

Name count: 842

5. Juno

Origin: Roman

Name count: 803

Mother holding her baby

6. Phoenix 

Origin: Greek

Name count: 719

7. Mara

Origin: Slavic

Name count: 627

8. Thalia

Origin: Greek

Name count: 612

9. Thiea

Origin: Greek

Name count: 607

10. Persephone

Origin: Greek

Name count: 442

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