This travel hack shows you how to get free water at Dublin Airport 5 months ago

This travel hack shows you how to get free water at Dublin Airport

We got you.

Heading off on a trip can be more stressful than we need, lugging suitcases through the airport, delayed flights and boarding passes that aren't scanning - it can be a lot.


And to top things off when we're there, the water on display around Dublin Airport can be a nuisance if you don't have any coins on you.

While you have the option of splashing out on some in duty free or in one of the endless shops and cafes, it can be expensive to quench your thirst.

And of course, buying water at the airport is our only choice with the liquids rule at security.

While some people are cheeky enough to grab the water and go, not paying the €1 asked, there is a guilt free way of ensuring you can get some water completely for free before boarding.

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TikTok user @IsThatMike03 has shared his hack to making sure you get free water no matter what when you get to the airport.

Calling it his "favourite travel airport hack", he simply shows himself taking a 1.5l bottle through security, but the catch is is that it's completely empty so it can't count as a liquid.

Then when he gets past security and into the cafe and restaurant area, he simply asks one barman to fill it up with tap water - it's really that simple.


While we're sure he's not the first person in the world to think of this hack, we certainly didn't and glad to have someone point out this trick.

Mike said: "You've got to get creative with the money-saving ideas.

"Every time I travel by plane, I like to bring an empty bottle of water to take through the airport security .

"Once I'm on the other side, I find the nearest bar or restaurant and ask them to fill it up with tap water for me."


When it comes to Dublin Airport, there are water fountains passed security meaning it can be even easier to bring a full bottle on the plane - you don't even have to ask anyone.

The Hydration Stations can be found on the Mezzanine level in Terminal 1, in the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 1, Departures areas in Terminals 1 and 2, immediately after security screening in Terminal 1, in all passenger boarding areas and in both baggage halls.