True classics: 10 beautiful baby names inspired by 'Little Women' 1 year ago

True classics: 10 beautiful baby names inspired by 'Little Women'

Oh, how I love the book.

Little Women is just one of those books that I think once you read it, will forever just remain on your list of favourite books (and if you haven't read it yet, I strongly urge you to do so, and do it before you watch Greta Gerwig’s latest movie reboot, as, you know, books should always be read before you watch the movie version!)


And if you are currently awaiting the arrival of your own little one, be it a little woman or a little man, we think you'll find plenty of name inspo in the book (or movie) too.

Just take a look:

1. Jo

2. Theodore

One of the cutest boy names around, if you ask me. And just think how adorable 'Theo' will work for short!


3. Amy

4. Teddy

Take a lead out of Ayda Field and Robbie Williams' book, who gave their eldest daughter this adorable moniker.

In Little Women, Theodore “Teddy” Bhaer is the son of Jo and Fritz, so the name can be gender-neutral and will work for boys and girls alike.


5. Meg

6. Laurie


7. Beth

8. Robert

A good, solid name for a little boy, and you are free to use both 'Bob' or 'Robbie' as a shorter version.


In Little Women, Robert March is the patriarch of the March family, and the name itself is thought to be of German origin and could mean 'bright fame.'

9. Demi

Another name that in the book is used for a boy, but that we think would work equally well for a girl (Ahem – Demi Moore?!)