The first glass of bubbly makes you drunker than the rest 6 months ago

The first glass of bubbly makes you drunker than the rest

Just don't get too slaughtered in front of your nan over the Christmas break, yeah?

You think you will be fine with just one glass of bubbly, and five minutes later it feels like you've had five Jagerbombs.


Well, it turns out that the first glass of champagne will make you drunker than the rest.

As Merlin Thomas explains in his book The Longevity List, the person who has the first glass of champers after opening the bottle will be drunker than the person who has had the second or third glass from the exact same bottle.

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Thomas told the Mail Online that while eating usually slows down the absorption of alcohol, it's different when it comes to fizzy drinks.

Fizzy alcoholic drinks usually get absorbed quicker in your bloodstream, so it will get you drunk in less time.

And with the amount of the bubbles in the first glass of champagne or prosecco, it basically goes straight into your system and up to your head.

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A cold glass of bubbly will also affect how drunk you get, as it bubbles less before entering our stomachs.

Therefore, there is more dissolved gas left to bubble away inside our body.

The more you know, we suppose...