Turns out we have been pronouncing Le Creuset wrong all this time 4 years ago

Turns out we have been pronouncing Le Creuset wrong all this time

But it's a lot easier than you think.

Le Creuset has been making their sturdy-but-stunning cast iron cookware since 1925 - and they've just gotten more and more fantastic since.


We absolutely adored their various Disney-inspired collections, as well as their stunning lavender range. Not to mention - have you seen their Valentine's Day collection yet?

But the one thing we've never been too certain on is how to actually pronounce the brand's name.

And, as it turns out, we weren't alone.


If you've been pronouncing it as lay-croo-SET or luh-croo-SAY, or simply refer to it as the 'big blue pot', don't worry - you're definitely not alone.

North Carolina chef  Vivian Howard recently admitted she had the same problem, too.

She recently filmed a short video with the company, where she joked about her difficulties with trying to pronounce the French word with her Southern American accent.


She explained:

"For the longest time, I had such a crush on them, but I could never verbalise it because I didn't know how to say it and I was so afraid of sounding like a big old red-neck."

But a little more than halfway through the 51 second clip, and Vivian explains how the cookware brand is really pronounced - and revealed what we've been doing wrong all this time.


As it turns out, it's luh-CROO-zay - with the emphasis going on the middle syllable.

It's even easier than we thought.