Turns out we've been hanging our Christmas lights wrong this whole time 5 years ago

Turns out we've been hanging our Christmas lights wrong this whole time

December means that it's time once again to deck the halls with boughs of holly.

Most people would (probably) have their Christmas trees up by now - or at least be thinking of putting up the twinkling tree.


And while the shining lights of the Christmas tree may have us feeling festive, it turns out we've been hanging them up wrong this whole time.

According to designer Francesco Bilotto, we should be hanging our Christmas lights vertically - instead of wrapped around the it in circles.

He told HouseBeautiful.com:

"This way every tip of your tree, from branch to branch, will twinkle with delight."


An added bonus? Decorating this way will keep the lights from getting stuck in the middle of the tree, covered by other branches.

Francesco advised to start at the top of the tree, with the end of the strand of lights that doesn't have a plug, and then letting your lights hang to the bottom branches.

From there, pull your lights to the right three or four inches and bring the strand up the tree. Repeat the process until the whole tree is covered.


And if you want to make sure the centre of the tree is just as sparkly, Francesco says to hang your brightest ornaments deep inside the tree - the light will reflect off them there.

He explained:

"Another added bonus is when you dismantle your tree and take off the lights, it'll be easier and less messy to remove strands from the exterior of the tree — rather than fighting a stubborn almost dried branch."