Typography expert recommends this font for your CV 5 years ago

Typography expert recommends this font for your CV

As CVs go, there are some things employers want to see and some that they really won't and as most employers tend to agree, never underestimate the value of your cover letter.

In addition to the content of your CV, the presentation is also really important and one typography expert has the answer on the best font to use.


It needs to be clear and concise and the one you choose to print your CV in is actually really important.

Susan Underwood, director of talent acquisition at Glassdoor, told Mental Floss that when it comes to penning a resume, "an easy to read font is best".

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That's all well and good but which font do you actually choose?


Typography expert, Brian Hoffman of Brian Hoff Design, says Helevetica is best.

“Helvetica is so no-fuss, it doesn’t really lean in one direction or another. It feels  professional, lighthearted, honest. Helvetica is safe. Maybe that’s why it’s more business-y".

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