If you’re looking for new skills to help you find work or change job, this could be the answer 4 months ago

If you’re looking for new skills to help you find work or change job, this could be the answer

Brought to you by This is FET

If you're thinking about making a career change, this could be a big help.


Making the decision to change careers can feel like a huge deal, and the idea of breaking into a new industry can definitely be a bit daunting.

One of the best ways of kickstarting any new career is getting an accredited, reliable qualification that will open doors for you.

Further Education and Training Authority (FET) has some amazing learning opportunities for anyone looking to upskill or reskill, with a huge variety of courses available. You may not be aware but Further Education and Training courses are available for everyone and are delivered right across the country through local Education and Training Boards. From online, full and part-time courses, to traineeships and earn-as-you-learn apprenticeships, there's so many options available through FET.

thisisfet.ie is jam-packed with courses in areas such as hairdressing and beauty, TV and film production, media, I.T. and so much more.

With the amount on offer there's sure to be something that suits your needs and it's a sure way of kickstarting that dream career you've got your heart set on and if you're concerned about your already busy schedule an eCollege online course could be just the thing you need.

Here are just a sample of the different courses out there to give you some career inspo, but you can view everything that FET has to offer here.


Hairdressing, I.T. and accounting

If any of these careers have sparked your interest, you'll be delighted to hear they can all be done through FET apprenticeships.

With an apprenticeship, you can earn money while you learn, making it an ideal option for someone changing careers. Through an apprenticeship, you'll get some hands-on work experience which is a huge bonus when starting out in a new industry.

Interior design, starting your own business and childcare


How amazing does a career in interior design sound!? That's just one of the amazing evening and part-time courses that FET offers.

But there are also courses for those skills that are required in almost any job such as interpersonal skills and computing. So picking up one of their evening courses could be a great addition to your CV, no matter what direction your career goes in.

TV & film production, digital media and business studies.


FET could also be the right choice for those seeking full-time education.

PLC courses are an amazing qualification to have in your pocket when interviewing for roles in a new industry, but they're also a good taster course for someone who isn't 100% sure what they'd like to do.

Further Education and Training (FET) offers a wide variety of life-long education options to anyone over 16. FET includes apprenticeships, traineeships, Post Leaving Cert (PLC) courses, community and adult education as well as core literacy and numeracy services.


For more information on FET, click here or contact your local ETB.

Brought to you by This is FET