VIDEO: Woman Secretly Records Body-Shaming Doctors During Surgery 5 years ago

VIDEO: Woman Secretly Records Body-Shaming Doctors During Surgery

This is shocking.

We look to doctors and surgeons as people we can trust. Afterall, we may one day end up literally trusting them with our lives.


However, footage secretly recorded by a woman undergoing surgery is a stark reminder that they are very much human, warts and all.

Ethel Easter decided to record her doctors during her hernia operation after she felt badly treated in a consultation.

Speaking to Yahoo she explained that she had broken down when her doctor told her she would have to wait two months for a hernia operation, and that he was rude to her when she contested it.

She said: "I was afraid that if I didn't make it [through surgery] nobody would know why, and I wanted them to know it was because he didn't care about me as a person,"

She explained that she decided to insert a recording device into her hair before her surgery.

As soon as she was under, the surgeon can be heard saying:

“She’s a handful. She had some choice words for us in the clinic when we didn’t book her case in two weeks.”


He referenced the fact that she threatened legal action, scoffing: "That doesn't seem like the thing to say to the person who's going to do your surgery".

They then proceed to make fun of her bellybutton, and refer to her as "Precious" in apparent reference to Gabourey Sidibe's character in the movie Precious.

She told Yahoo!:

"When you are lying there and these people have you uncovered and you trust them and they speak like this, it's a bad situation.

"It's given me self-esteem issues."


Video via YouTube/Black Matters