Viral video catches groom checking his phone while walking down the aisle 5 months ago

Viral video catches groom checking his phone while walking down the aisle

A lot of people were not impressed.

You never know how you're going to react during the big moments in your life, but sometimes it's not always a great thing.


A video from four years ago has resurfaced on TikTok, and a lot of people aren't happy about what's going on in the viral clip.

The video that was shared by Taylor Loren showed her now husband at their wedding pulling out his phone and checking it as he's standing at the alter.

Captioning the clip "Husband of the year," Taylor said: "4 years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life. It was one of the most important & emotional moments of our life and my husband did the most romantic thing…"

You can see the the groom looking down the aisle and smiling, assuming this is when he sees his bride.

That's when the video cuts to the part when he pulls out his phone, which Taylor added: "He checked his freaking phone."

@taylortokshusband of the year ? (yes I walked down the aisle to Kanye, RIP KIMYE) ##weddingtiktok ##marriage♬ original sound - taylor loren


The video has hit 2.3 million views since she uploaded it, and many people are less than impressed by his actions.

Viewers were outraged by his behaviour, some saying that she should divorce him and others saying it was "tacky" and "suspicious".

But amidst the outrage some felt, there was a lot of people standing up for the groom, claiming there could be a number of reasons that would make him do this.

One user said: "Vows are probably on his phone. Chill."

Another said: "I do that when I'm nervous. I always pull my phone out."


A third said: "You can tell he is nervous. It's a big moment."

@taylortoksReply to @ajbarnhardt honestly we’ll never really know... ##weddingtiktok ##crypto♬ original sound - taylor loren

Some pointed out that even if his vows were on his phone, he should've put them on paper instead. Another joked that everyone he knows is at the wedding and questioned who would be texting him.


Regardless, the couple are still happily married to this day, with Taylor even making a part two to allow her husband to defend himself.

Joking, he simply said: "Because crypto never sleeps."