WATCH: Adam King receives huge applause at Aslan concert 9 months ago

WATCH: Adam King receives huge applause at Aslan concert

Adam was given a very warm welcome last week.

Adam King, the six year-old child who went viral after his appearance on The Late Late Toy Show last Christmas has delighted crowds once again after he made a brief cameo during a recent Aslan concert.


King and his family were attending the performance at the Gleneagle INEC in Killarney Co. Kerry.

His family shared the footage of the welcome Adam received at the event on social media.

His dad wrote: "We had the most amazing time in Killarney this week!

"Thanks to all the places and people who made the experience unforgettable for the kids and big thanks @OfficialAslan for the love yesterday evening when we popped in for a few songs"


"Kerry, you're beautiful. Hugs."

In the video, Adam is lifted onto his dad's shoulders while the audience turn to him to cheer and applaud.


Known for his trademark "virtual hugs", Adam's appearance on the Toy Show last year quickly made him a household name.

Earlier this year, US President Joe Biden sent a personal letter to the child to thank him for raising spirits during the pandemic.

It read: "Your Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, told me about the great work you have been doing, and most importantly, your virtual hugs.

"They are a wonderful symbol of hope and joy and have helped many people during these difficult times."


Mr Biden also wrote about how challenging the Covid-19 situation must be for Adam and his family and friends.

He wrote: "I want you to know that a lot of smart people from the United States, Ireland, and around the world are working hard to beat Covid-19. Your message helps give them strength, and it gives me strength."

More recently, Adam was presented with the Lord Mayor Youth Award from Hazel Chu during her last day in office.