Pornhub wants to give mums a very special gift 5 years ago

Pornhub wants to give mums a very special gift

This could lead to a confusing conversation around the dinner table.

Sunday week, 14 May, marks Mother's day in the US.


There's nothing like an upcoming occasion like this day to strike fear into the hearts of many - cue panicked buying of mugs, tea towels and flowers from the corner shop.

But not this year. Pornhub (a website that we're pretty sure needs no explanation from us) is aiming to make sure mums are treated to something a bit different this year.

It's released 'Mommy's Special Glasses' to give mums a 3D porn experience.

Yes, you read that right. Pornhub wants people to give their mums a VR headset to watch porn on "so she can turn her favourite day of the year into the best night of her life."


The company says it'll be "an experience that will let her explore new horizons and sensations Dad hasn't given her during all these years." Burn on Dad!

This has to be seen to be believed. Watch the video below (don't worry, there's nothing X rated here).