WATCH: This busker may be the pied piper - but for cats! 5 years ago

WATCH: This busker may be the pied piper - but for cats!

Busking can be a seriously tough gig.

There's plenty of successful musicians that started out busking - Glenn Hansard, Ed Sheeran and Bob Geldof just to name a few. You never know what musician you could pass on the street that could end playing arenas or on TV someday.


One busker, in particular, is experiencing viral fame after quite a special audience gathered to watch him play.

This Malaysian busker was about to pack up and go home, as not many people were gathered around to hear him sing.

But just as he started to sing for fun, the most adorable little audience showed up… A group of four 3-month-old kittens came to show their support!

The quartet of adoring fans has been filmed watching the musician as he plays the guitar on the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia.

The four fans are enthralled as the long haired man sings, sitting right in front of him, their heads tilted up as they listen to him crooning.

Lead image via YouTube