Wexford groom and his friends perform an EPIC wedding dance for his bride 3 years ago

Wexford groom and his friends perform an EPIC wedding dance for his bride

A great choice of music with even better dancing.

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. Booking venues and bands, organising food and which guests you are going to invite are just some of the thousands of things on your to-do list.

Sure, you might be still a bit highly strung during the ceremony and at the dinner, hoping that everything will go off perfectly but once the night hits, you just don't care anymore because it's time to let your hair down.

As if he wouldn't be stressed enough, Wexford groom Jimmy Whelan decided to learn a dance routine to perform for his new wife, Ella, with his groomsmen and some friends by his side.

From Bump 'N' Grind to Uptown Funk to Riverdance, this is one unique wedding dance...

One of those involved in the dance is one of Jimmy's good friends, Neil Merrigan who told JOE:

"The idea was spawned by the best man Luke about a month ago and Jimmy Whelan, the groom rang 10 of us to partake in the routine with him. Jimmy would be well known locally as a bit of a character so we thought it'd be a bit of craic for his wedding," he said.

Neil had big praise for their teacher who put the whole thing together.

"We were put in touch with Becci Whelan in New Ross in the Cabin Arts Studio and she choreographed the whole thing and put up with us for the 3 weeks beforehand.

"My role was the same as the rest of the lads, turn up for practice and try and nail it on the night.

"There was plenty of poor performances in practice, I can tell you, but at about 11pm the night of the wedding we went out to a secluded car park, ran through the routine one more time and went straight in and did it after.

"Jimmy's new wife Ella and her family loved it. It got a great reaction - thankfully."